Lucio  Grandinetti

Full professor
Faculty of Engineering
Department of Electronics, Informatics, and Systems
University of Calabria (U
niCal), Italy

tel: +39-984-49 4731
fax: +39-984-49 4847

Project ISSeG - Integrated Site Security for Grids
European Commission - Brussels
6 th FP
Research Infrastructure
Communication Network Development

Project's duration: months 26 (february 2006 - march 2008)

Project Consortium:

- CERN  European Organization for Nuclear Research (CH)
- FZK   Forschungs Zentrum Karlsruhe  ( Germany )
- STFC Science and Technology Facilities Council,formerly 
  CCLRC Council for the Central      Laboratory of the Research  Councils  (  U.K. )

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