Lucio Grandinetti

Full professor
Faculty of Engineering
Department of Electronics, Informatics, and Systems
University of Calabria (U
niCal), Italy

tel: +39-984-49 4731
fax: +39-984-49 4847







Short Bio

Since 1986, I am full professor at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Calabria (UNICAL), Italy. At the same University, I currently hold the position of Vice Rector (since 1999) and coordinator of the Ph.D. Degree Program in the area of Managament Science and Engineering.

At the abovementioned University, I was Director of the Department of Electronics, Informatics, and Systems for ten years, as well as member of the University Administration Council and President of the Faculty’s Management Engineering Degree Course.

My scientific background is in Electronic Engineering and Systems Science.

I am a graduate of the University of Pisa, Italy and the University of California at Berkeley. I have also been a post-doc fellow at University of Southern California, Los Angeles and Research Fellow at the University of Dundee, Scotland.

I have been a member of the IEEE Committee on Parallel Processing, and European Editor of a book series of MIT Press on Advanced Computational Methods and Engineering.

Currently I am member of the Editorial Board of four international journals.

I am author of many research papers in well-established international journals and Editor or co-Editor of several books on algorithms, software, applications of Parallel Computing, HPC, Grids.

Since 1994, I have been part of several Evaluation Panels of European Projects within various ICT and Infosociety Programs; I have also been reviewer of many EU Projects in the above Programs.

I have been recipient and scientific leader of many European-Commission-Funded projects since 1993 (e.g. Molecular Dynamics Simulations by MPP Systems, EUROMED, HPC Finance, WADI).

I have been recipient and scientific leader of several national projects (CNR progetti finalizzati,, PRIN).

I am one of the founders of the Consortium SPACI (Southern Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructures), a pioneering Grid infrastructure experiment in Italy.

Currently I am:

Director of the Centre of Excellence on HPC established at the University of Calabria by the Italian government; Co-managing director of a Supercomputing Centre jointly established by the University of Calabria and NEC Corporation;

Recipient and scientific leader of some European-Commission-Funded projects (among others, BEINGRID); Project leader of a node of the most important European Grid Infrastructure for e-science named EGEE.


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